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Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Systems of High Molecular Complexity

Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Systems of High Molecular Complexity
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Title Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Systems of High Molecular Complexity ([EBook] /) / edited by Neri Niccolai, Gianni Valensin.
Added Personal Name Niccolai, Neri editor.
Valensin, Gianni editor.
Other name(s) SpringerLink (Online service)
Publication Boston, MA : : Birkhäuser Boston, , 1986.
Physical Details X, 518 p. 16 illus. : online resource.
Series Progress in Inorganic Biochemistry and Biophysics ; 2
ISBN 9781461585213
Summary Note The second volume of the series on inorganic biochemistry and bio­ physics is singularly devoted to magnetic resonance on systems of high molecular complexity. Recently, there have been important advances in magnetic resonance studies of polymers; these advances touch on all aspects of magnetic resonance, both theoretical and applied. Particular emphasis is placed here on multipulse experiments. We believe such an report will be of considerable interest to the readers of our series owing to the importance of magnetic resonance techniques in the investigation of biopolymers. Ivano Bertini Harry Gray Series Editors Preface This book is a record of the Proceedings of the International Symposium on "Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques in Systems of High Molecular Complexity", which was held in Siena between 15 and 18 May 1985. The idea of the meeting is due to Proff. N.M. Atherton, G. Giacometti and E. Tiezzi with the aim of honouring the scientific personality of Prof. S.I. Weissman. The meeting has been organized with the assistance of a National Committee formed by R. Basosi, I. Bertini, P. Bucci, C. Corvaia, A. Gamba, G. Martini, G.F. Pedulli, P.A. Temussi, and C.A. Veracini. The invited lecturers responded enthusiastically and a comprehensive picture of the theoretical and practical aspects of magnetic resonance could be therefore provided. The book contains all the plenary lectures delivered during the meeting and also a wide selection among the huge amount of contributions collected by the organizers.:
Contents note 1. Spatial Localization in NMR -- 2. Homonuclear Hartmann-Hahn Magnetization Transfer: New One- and Two-Dimensional NMR Methods for Structure Determination and Spectral Assignment -- 3. Simplification of 2D Spectra by (a) Topology-Selective Multiple-Quantum Filtration or (b) by Bilinear Mixing -- 4. 17O NMR as a Probe to Study Hydration and Hydrogen Bonding of Amino Acids and Polypeptides -- 5. Indirect, Negative Heteronuclear Overhauser Effect Detected in a Steady-State, Selective 13C-1H NOE Experiment at Natural Abundance -- 6. Determination of Zero-and Double-Quantum Relaxation Transition Probabilities by Multiple-Selective Irradiation Methods -- 7. The Role of Conformation and Conformational Dynamics in Biological Information Transfer -- 8. Structure and Dynamics Studied via Two-Dimensional NMR. Illustrations with DNA Fragments -- 9. Selective 1H NMR Relaxation Delineation of Receptor Binding Equilibria -- 10. Nuclear Spin Relaxation Study of Weak Molecular Interactions in Benzene Solutions of Quinuclidine -- 11. Proton NMR Studies of the Active Centre of ACTH -- 12. 13C and 1H NMR Characterization of a Na+ClO4- Complex of a New Lipophilic Cage Ligand -- 13. B and Z Forms of a Modified d(C-G) Sequence in Solution -- 14. NMR Study of a Tridecanucleotide Containing a No-Base Residue -- 15. Dynamic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Caprimidyl Sulfate -- 16. Solvent Proton Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Dispersion (NMRD) in Solutions of Paramagnetic Macromolecules -- 17. Nuclear Spin Relaxation in Paramagnetic Nickel(II) Complexes -- 18. Multipulse Dynamic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.Theory and Applications to Liquid Crystal Polymers -- 19. Deuterium Spin Relaxation and Molecular Motion in Liquid Crystals -- 20. Dynamical and Structural Characteristics of Biaxial Discotic Mesophases by Deuterium NMR -- 21. Stochastic Description of Hindered Motions -- 22. Deuterium Relaxation and Molecular Motion in Channel Clathrates -- 23. Line Shape in PMR Spectra of Molecules Dissolved in Nematic Solvents -- 24. Extended-Time Excitation Electron Spin Echo Spectroscopy -- 25. Structure and Dynamics of Excimers in Organic Molecular Crystals. Endor and Picosecond Studies -- 26. Methyl Dynamics Studied by Endor Spectroscopy: A New Method -- 27. Photoexcited Triplet States in Zero Magnetic Field -- 28. EPR Determination of the Number of Nitrogens Coordinated to Cu in Square-Planar Complexes -- 29. An EPR Study of the Photoexcited Triplet State of Tetrahedral d° Transition Metal Anions -- 30. EPR, Endor and DF-ODMR Studies of Excited Triplets in Weak Charge-Transfer Molecular Crystals -- 31. ESR and ESEM Study of Spin Probe Aqueous Solutions Adsorbed on Silica Gel -- 32. Metal-Nucleobases Complexation Equilibria in Solution: An ESR Analysis -- 33. Computer Assisted EPR Spectroscopy, with Applications to Inter- and Intra-Molecular Dynamics of Radicals in Solution -- 34. Photoreactivity of Aroyl Silanes as Studied by ESR Spectroscopy -- 35. Field-Swept and Frequency-Swept EPR Spectra for Spin ½:Computer Simulation in the Presence of g and a Strain -- 36. Magnetic Resonance Lineshapes for Probes Undergoing Non-Markoffian Motions -- 37. Arrangement of Guest Donors in the Naphthalene-TCNB Crystal. An Endor Study -- 38. Proton Endor of -Irradiated Barium Perchlorate Trihydrate Crystals.
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