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Dynamical Systems IV: Symplectic Geometry and its Applications
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099$aOnline resource: Springer
245$aDynamical Systems IV$h[EBook]$bSymplectic Geometry and its Applications$cedited by V. I. Arnold, S. P. Novikov.
250$aSecond, Expanded and Revised Edition.
260$aBerlin, Heidelberg$bSpringer$c2001.
300$aXII, 336 pages$bonline resource.
338$aonline resource
440$aEncyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences,$x0938-0396 ;$v4
505$aPart I. Symplectic Geometry by V.I.Arnol'd, A.B.Givental' -- Part II. Geometric Quantization by A.A.Kirillov -- Part III. Integrable Systems I by B.A.Dubrovin, I.M.Krichever, S.P.Novikov -- Appendix A. Algebraic-Geometrical Integration of (2+1)-Systems -- Appendix B. Two-Dimensional Schrödinger Operators and Integrable Systems -- Appendix C. Integrability of Systems of Hydrodynamic Type. The Non-Linear WKB Method -- Appendix D. Spectral Theory of Two-Dimensional Periodic Operators. Historical Remarks Concerning Algebraic Geometry, Hamiltonian Systems and Spectral Theory -- References.
520$aDynamical Systems IV Symplectic Geometry and its Applications by V.I.Arnol'd, B.A.Dubrovin, A.B.Givental', A.A.Kirillov, I.M.Krichever, and S.P.Novikov From the reviews of the first edition: "... In general the articles in this book are well written in a style that enables one to grasp the ideas. The actual style is a readable mix of the important results, outlines of proofs and complete proofs when it does not take too long together with readable explanations of what is going on. Also very useful are the large lists of references which are important not only for their mathematical content but also because the references given also contain articles in the Soviet literature which may not be familiar or possibly accessible to readers." New Zealand Math.Society Newsletter 1991 "... Here, as well as elsewhere in this Encyclopaedia, a wealth of material is displayed for us, too much to even indicate in a review. ... Your reviewer was very impressed by the contents of both volumes (EMS 2 and 4), recommending them without any restriction. As far as he could judge, most presentations seem fairly complete and, moreover, they are usually written by the experts in the field. ..." Medelingen van het Wiskundig genootshap 1992 !
538$aOnline access to this digital book is restricted to subscription institutions through IP address (only for SISSA internal users)
700$aArnold, Vladimir Igorevic$d1937-2010$eeditor.
700$aNovikov, S.P.(Sergej Petrovich)$eeditor.
710$aSpringerLink (Online service)
830$aEncyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences,$v4
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